2009 Mar 30

Rumour Round up

There are rumours being posted around the various message boards and ‘news’ sites about two possible projects that Kate is being linked to.

Fear of Flying, by Erica Jong

IMDB: Christine: War My Love (2010)

I want you to understand that there is nothing 100% truthful about these.  Rumours are just rumours.  As soon as we hear anything official, we will let you know.

But, for your interest, please check out the links above.  If you think it is a good or indeed a bad idea for Kate to be part of these projects, we would love to hear your opinions on our message board.


12 Comments on “Rumour Round up”

  1. I don´t think that she would do it, because she said that she´going to take a long vacation (a year right?), to spend more time with her kids and to rest. I think she finished really tired with her two last roles..we will miss her this year :)

  2. I think the same. Although, if I see Kate in some of these two roles, I think I would like to see the first one. Fear of Flying seems to have a good story ;)
    But I think that Kate is going and deserve to rest a bit ;)

  3. At best, we might see a Kate film at the end of 2010… so I don’t see her filming anything until late 2009 or early 2010.

  4. although, she said she wasn’t going to do any projects in the coming future, these roles seeem interesting. If she does do these movies, i can’t wait to see her! especially in the fear of flying

  5. She said in an interview that she knows the time will come when she gets restless and needs to do something again. Although she definitely deserves a break, I hope she comes back soon!

  6. Unlike most actors, Kate considers award shows and talk shows (Jay Leno, etc.) as work so in reality she hasn’t filmed anything since July of 2008. It seems she’s worked a lot because they released 2 of her films in the same month but in reality she’s only worked on two films in a 3 year time-line.

    But according to her, her “break” just started after the Oscars. I guess I just wished she worked more.

  7. she said that she have to spend more time with her children and to distract doing different things, thats why she do long breaks, these two roles where physically and psychologically stressfull for her

  8. I can’t wait to see what she does next, but she deserves a nice long break for sure. :)

  9. Yes I know April & Hanna where up there with Holy Smoke and Jude as some of her most challenging roles to date.

    But my point is that if she hadn’t being nominated for anything from the 2008/2009 award’s season, she probably would’ve being filming something right now.

  10. yeah, i agree with you David. All those talkshows, interviews, awards, etc. must have been really draining. Especially since she had two films to promote, right before awards season.

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