2008 Jun 02

“Plunge: The Movie” online petition

So we have been discussing it nonstop at the forums and we’ve come to the following conclusion: all of us came together to write a letter to the responsables for the movie so I could post it here and ask everyone who’d like to participate and watch this film comment on this post with their names and countries and then copy all those who commented, paste to the letter and send it to them. However, not to extend it for much longer, we are setting a due date: you have until June 20 to comment on this post.

Here’s the letter:

We are a group of people from different countries who have started a petition for getting “Plunge: The Movie” released on DVD, as you may have noticed if you have been checking your e-mail accounts lately. We came up with said petition after a fellow created a discussion in the forum of https://kate-winslet.net expressing how great it would be to see this film in which we knew Kate had participated but which had never been released. We were surprised to see how many people commented on that entry saying that it was a pity that we knew so little about this movie and encouraging one another to start a petition to get it released, either on DVD, or as a web release.

As all of Kate’s movies and miniseries are being released on DVD now, we thought it was a matter of time until we read news that “Plunge” was available for selling, but as it hasn’t happened yet, we were wondering what we could do to help you do this, since some of us have been waiting to see it for nearly ten years. We are aware, of course, that “Plunge: The Movie” is a small film and that you worked very hard to keep the project alive. We also know that there must be some commercial aspects that lie behind a release which don’t depend on you.

But it would be a pity to let your movie go unnoticed. If you gave us a clue on who to address to make a petition, we would willingly contact them and let them know how many of us are waiting to see the movie.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

– Juan Pablo Nario, Argentina
054 (0223) 4728443
– Roberta Soares, Brazil

If you have a Kate site or participate on any Kate-related forums, please spread the word about this. The more the better!

25 Comments on ““Plunge: The Movie” online petition”

  1. I’ve been dying to see this movie, not only because Kate is in but because the story seems to be interesting and different to what you usually see in cinemas. So I’d be really glad to one day own the DVD of “Plunge”.

  2. I would be so happy to see this movie, and wouldn’t be the only one who would be happy. The story really seems to be interesting. And of course because Kate is in the movie.
    I’m from Finland.

  3. I’ve never heard about this film before, but now I’m very curious and would love this film to be on DVD, simply for the fact that I’ll get any film that Kate Winslet has been in.
    Hannah from Scotland.

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