2008 Apr 13

New pics from old events + new fanart

• Revolutionary Road: On the Set – May 30, 2007
• 2007 Candids: Arriving at Covent Garden Hotel – August 24
• 2007 Candids: Out and about in Central London – August 25
• Other Appearances: Boss Black Spring/Summer 2008 Collection
• Awards & Galas: 16th Annual BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards
• 2007 Candids: At Los Angeles International Airport – November 1
• 2007 Candids: Taking a stroll in SoHo – December 14
• Awards & Galas: 2007 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala

Also, there are new additions to the fanart gallery: LJ icons and wallpapers donated by Emily.

Please join the Kate Winslet Fan LiveJournal community and share your artwork, post your favorite pics, discuss about the English Rose and get to know other Kate fans. :)

Just a little note: the comments on the gallery are currently disabled because I’ve had loads of spammers commenting on there. I’ll fix this and soon everyone will be able to comment on the photos again.

13 Comments on “New pics from old events + new fanart”

  1. Thanks for the pics! Gorgeos as always!!
    And love the new layout! Maybe too dark but really smooth!!
    Keep up the amazing work!!!

  2. Kate is so beautiful, as always! =)
    New layout is great, I love it so much!
    Thanks for a great work!

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