2008 Jun 21

My how you’ve aged! Kate Winslet transforms into old woman for new film

Kate Winslet has always been celebrated for her refusal to conform to Hollywood stereotypes.

And at first glance, Kate appeared to have taken her boycott too far as she was pictured looking extremely haggard and aged.

But the actress hasn’t totally abandoned her beauty regime and was simply in costume her latest film role.

Kate, 32, is starring alongside Ralph Fiennes in Stephen Daldry’s post-world war II drama, The Reader, based on the novel by Bernhard Schlink.

The film, currently being shot on location in Germany, sees Kate playing an older woman involved with a young man.

Source: Mail Online

• The Reader: On the Set – June 19, 2008

New pictures added.

9 Comments on “My how you’ve aged! Kate Winslet transforms into old woman for new film”

  1. My goodness, Kate Winslet, how fantastic of an actress she is! This is really her, at the top of her game, and at the pinnacle of achievement in her career as an actress. Goodness, what a class act. She has grown with such an inspirational and hard-working spirit; and I truly hope she enjoys playing the character of Hanna Schmitz!

    My how she aged! But oh how the makeup designers did the best! WOW! That is some amazing makeup designing and it is so convincible! This is mind-boggling how these pictures match up to how the readers can imagine her in the book!

    Thank you for putting up some more of these set pictures. This is unbelievable!

    P.S. Mark my words, this movie is gonna get some mad awards–Kate’s gonna be one of them. I’m hoping she’ll get nom. for Revolutionary Road too, but right now I’m just so excited for The Reader, first!


  2. Oh wow she is fantastic look at her how she can change to an older woman….
    I hope she will get an oscar for this….
    ….yes she will!!!

  3. Holy … !!! =)
    I’m speechless right now…kk it’s a bit funny can’t stop laughing ..=D
    She looks great…old but great =))) =D …

  4. OMG, OMG, OMG!! :O
    Thank you for the pics…I can’t belive it’s Kate…

    @Yasmin: YES, the Oscar is waiting! :D

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