2007 Apr 27

Movies pics + fanart

I’ve added new pics and replaced old pics with better ones.

• Heavenly Creatures: Promotional Stills
• Sense And Sensibility: Promotional Stills
• Jude: Promotional Stills
• Titanic: Promotional Stills
• Enigma: On the Set
• Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind: Promotional Stills
• Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind: On the Set – January 15, 2003
• Finding Neverland: Promotional Stills
• Pride: Making of
• Little Children: Promotional Stills

• Rachel: Banners, headers and wallpapers

And last but not least, I’d really appreciate it if more people would comment on my updates. Feedback means a lot to me as I put a lot of effort to make this site the best Kate site online.

6 Comments on “Movies pics + fanart”

  1. great new photos :)
    i already wrote an email that i have two kate winslet drawings and i would like to show them in the fanart gallery. but i didn´t got a answer yet so i try it here ^^ what do i have to do that you show them?

  2. great new photos :) thanks ^^
    what do i have to do when i have two drawings of kate and wanna show them in the fanart gallery?

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