2007 Mar 12

More goodies from The Holiday DVD

Which you can also watch along with 5 clips from the movie at the videos page:

And last but not least, I’ve extracted Kate’s monologue from the beginning of the film and Kate and Jack singing together

• The Holiday: Making of

• The Holiday: Making of
• The Holiday: “Home Exchange”
• The Holiday: “L.A.”
• The Holiday: “Call on Hold”
• The Holiday: “Video Shop”
• The Holiday: “Home Exchange”

The Holiday: Unrequited Love (Iris’ Monologue)
The Holiday: Froodle-dee-do

8 Comments on “More goodies from The Holiday DVD”

  1. Great update! Although I don’t think the link for the “Video Shop” video works on the video page… or maybe it’s just me.

  2. can u pls pls do the same with the kate winslet monolgue wen shes sittin on the sofa????????? i need it!! much love xxx

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