2010 Feb 15

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Winslet Pal

Leonardo DiCaprio claims his Titanic and Revolutionary Road co-star Kate Winslet is one of his ”dearest” friends.

Leonardo DiCaprio remains close to Kate Winslet.

The 35-year-old actor, who first worked with Kate on 1997 blockbuster movie Titanic, admitted the film had a profound effect on both of them because of the media attention it heaped on them.

He said: “It wasn’t the era of penetrating internet paparazzi that we have now. But my name wasn’t me anymore. I was sort of this thing.

“Kate felt it too. But a lot of the attention was on me because of the teenage girls who repeatedly went to see the movie. I had the blond hair, and I was Jack Dawson, this heroic figure.”

Despite having to act out a sex scene in their second movie together, Revolutionary Road, in front of Kate’s director husband Sam Mendes, Leonardo said it wasn’t hard to do.

He told Esquire magazine: “Kate Winslet is one of my dearest friends. We have the ultimate trust in each other and the best of intentions for what we want to do. I knew Kate before Sam Mendes even met her.

“So on the outside, it may seem strange to do a sex scene with a woman while her husband is directing. But it didn’t feel that way to me.”

Source: Contactmusic