2008 Jan 09

Kiss Me Kate, said Mr. Fiennes

Nicole Kidman drops out of yet another – both Panic Room and The Brave One were films she was attached to at one time or another – film, only this time she’s got a good excuse – the former BMX Bandit is ‘Knocked Up’! Kate Winslet – who, funnily enough, was the first choice for the film initially – will replace Antonia’s pregnant-famous sister in the lead of the Weinstein Co.’s Stephen Daldry pic The Reader, says Variety. Though filming had already commenced, Kidman had not yet shot any scenes for the flick.Author Bernhard Schlink began dishing news Tuesday that Winslet would take over the role opposite Ralph Fiennes and up-and-coming German thesp David Kross (Tough Enough). Sources confirmed the casting.The drama concerns a teen who falls for an enigmatic older woman in postwar Germany.

Source: Moviehole.net

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  1. I can’t wiat to see it, if it is true that see will be in it….but what do you tink it will be rated???

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