2020 Jul 16

Kate Winslet Will Receive the Toronto Film Festival Tribute Actor Award

Just announced, Kate Winslet will be receiving the Toronto Film Festival Tribute Actor Award on Tuesday September 15 for her work in a virtual ceremony amid this Covid-19 pandemic. Read a snippet below about what was said about Kate and follow the source link to read the entire article! A huge congratulations to Kate from all of us here at Kate Winslet Fan.

“Kate’s brilliant and compelling onscreen presence continues to captivate, entertain, and inspire audiences and actors alike,” said Vicente. “From her earliest work in
Heavenly Creatures , Sense And Sensibility and Titanic , to Revolutionary Road, The Reader, Mildred Piece and Steve Jobs , to name a few, her onscreen presence is as powerful and courageous as the women she chooses to portray. Kate’s most recent performance as Mary in Francis Lee’s Ammonite affirms her position as one of the best and most respected actresses of her generation, and we are delighted to honour her extraordinary talents at this year’s Festival.”