2008 Dec 06

Kate Winslet Talks About Life, Love and Leo

It’s the reunion we’ve all been waiting for: Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio together again.

“You know we’re twelve years older than we were back then.” Kate tells momlogic, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. Even a dozen years after she starred in Titanic, Kate still looks just as she did when she played Leo’s tragic lover on screen — plus or minus a few laugh lines, of course.

But even after all these years, that infamous chemistry with Leo is still there. This time the Oscar-nominated duo are sharing the big screen in their new film, Revolutionary Road. The film is a haunting look at the life of a 1950s suburban couple. And while Kate first fell in love with the book and relished her role as tortured soul April Wheeler, she tells momlogic that it was the opportunity to work with Leo once again that really made this film a true labor of love. “You know as actors I think we’ve both watched each other grow and change on screen. As friends we’ve gotten closer and closer together. The truth is that we’ve grown up. We’re older; we’re wiser you know hopefully we’re better actors. And I can say that he’s nicer than he was before. He’s funnier than he was before. He’s only changed for the better.”

And so has Kate — with motherhood and family infamously being a top priority in her busy life. In fact, shooting Revolutionary Road was a real family affair. Kate’s husband, Sam Mendes directed the film (yes, even the love scenes with Leo) and Kate’s kids, Mia and Joe, come along as well.

But while other Hollywood moms turn film sets into virtual day care centers, Kate confesses to momlogic that she takes a slightly different approach. “We were able to shoot the movie during the children’s summer vacation from school. We shot the movie up in Darien, Conn., rented a house out there and the children were with us, every day. They went to a local day camp and they did visit the set, but I’m not one of those people who like to bring the children to set every single day. You know, because I can’t concentrate on being a mom — when I’m playing April Wheeler, you can’t do all those things. I can’t hold those two things in my head. I’m not that much of a multi-tasker.”

So, will Kate and Leo reignite their infamous on-screen chemistry? Find out when Revolutionary Road opens on December 26th.

Source: momlogic