2014 Mar 25

Kate Winslet Says Leonardo Dicaprio is the Love of Her Life

Kate Winslet shares a special bond with her ‘Titanic’ co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Their love will go on.

Though Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s onscreen romances have always ended in tragedy – at least in the movies they have starred together so far – the two actors have nothing but love for one another off the set.

The British actress had only kind words about DiCaprio during a recent interview. When a reporter asked if she preferred her latest co-star, Theo James’s character over Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack in ‘Titanic’, the Oscar winner quickly made her decision, saying that there was absolutely no competition between the given leading men.

`Leo is the love of my life,` she told, before adding, `How could you possibly ask me that question? If I said Theo over Leo, he would never stay the night at his house ever again. Ever. No, he can’t have that.`

These two indeed go back a long way.