2010 Apr 18

Kate Winslet gets back to work on “Mildred Pierce”

Doing her best to move past her divorce woes, Kate Winslet was back in work mode in New York City today.

Dressed up in costume, the Oscar winning actress busily shot scenes for her brand new HBO project titled Mildred Pierce.

• Mildred Pierce: on the set – April 18

4 Comments on “Kate Winslet gets back to work on “Mildred Pierce””

  1. This looks to be the scenes where Mildred is struggling to find a job.

    Great to see Kate back at work!

  2. where was this filmed in nyc!?!? I live in nyc!! I couldve been there today! Is there filming tomorrow?

  3. @Alyson: It was filmed on Madison Ave on 25 Street. I don’t know if there’s gonna be filming tomorrow, but I think so.

  4. Do you know any other filming location with dates for any chance? Because I live in NYC, too and would love to go there. Don’t know if I would make it today, though.

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