2010 Aug 29

Kate Winslet enjoys a snog with new man and Burberry model Louis Dowler

Kate Winslet enjoys a romantic clinch with new man Louis Dowler, after checking out his flat… and doing the cleaning.

The Titanic star has been spending lots of time at the Burberry model’s pad in ­Kensington, West London, this week.

A source said: “Kate had to find out where her man lived and what his digs were like so she got her limo over there.

“She did a bit of cleaning and thought it was a cute flat — he passed all the tests. She was even ­joking around answering the door to strangers. They got quite a shock when an Oscar-winner answered. It’s like she’s got a new lease of life with Louis.”

The pair, both 34, met after Kate split from husband Sam Mendes, 45, in March.

Source: mirror.co.uk

5 Comments on “Kate Winslet enjoys a snog with new man and Burberry model Louis Dowler”

  1. Gosh, I knew this day would come, but still… it’s just weird! I loved seeing Kate with Sam!
    Either way, I just hope she’s happy – she deserves it!

  2. I’m so glad she’s happy… but I still can’t comprehend her not being with Sam. To me it’s the only way the world could be balanced…

  3. i saw this before i came on this website….
    i was showing my friend KWs Bf on google images…and she was like “Holy shit he’s hot..she’s hot…they’re both HOT!”….
    and then she was like “Holy shit..is that them kissing..?” i was like “Where!!!!!!?”
    Where were both like screaming.. :)

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