2010 Aug 23

Kate out and about in London

Showing off her new partner, Kate Winslet held hands with her man Louis Dowler as she left the Groucho Club in London on Friday night.

Looking absolutely smitten, the Oscar winning actress and her new suitor headed to Mahiki nightclub in Mayfair to continue their night on the town.

Kate seeing walking around London with her mom the next day:

• Candids: Leaving Mahiki nightclub and arriving at their hotel – August 20
• Candids: Walking around London – August 21

7 Comments on “Kate out and about in London”

  1. She looks hot..
    But….Idk i hope he doesn’t change her!
    Also am i the only one who has a bad feeling about him,?
    I am a fan so i’m protective…but i’m not too sure about this guy….he better not hurt her or he’ll have kate’s fans to deal with..not a good idea!

  2. Now that you guys mention it, I just got a lump in my throat. I’m starting to get a bad vibe from him and I don’t know why. I doubt he’s husband #3, he’s just a boyfriend but she can still get hurt. I hope he isn’t using her to further his own career. But we all know that Kate is a smart woman. If she senses that something is wrong I think she’ll do the right thing. As of now she looks happy.

  3. Why do you guys have a bad feeling about him? Because she finally has a sexy ass man and most hot men are jerks? Could be but Kate is a big girl. I’m sure that if she feels a bad vibe from this dude that she would know what to do. as a HUGE fan I’m protective too. but I don’t think he seems like a bad guy. And I don’t really think he’s going to be 3rd husband anytime soon or ever so I think we can relax lol

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