2007 Jan 03

Hello and welcome!

Hey everybody,

Finally, your best resource for everything Ms. Winslet is running again and now it has lots more features and thousands of pictures!

I wanted to have the site back up before all the red carpet buzz, so there’s still a lot of things to put online such as magazines scans from 2000-2007, candids and a bunch of videos, including very rare ones…

Don’t forget to take a moment to visit and join the fanart gallery and the site’s LJ community.

If you have anything you’d like to donate, please go here.

I hope you enjoy the new KWF! :)

8 Comments on “Hello and welcome!”

  1. Wow!!! I’ve been checking almost every week too!!! That James White Photoshoot for the layout is just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your work. I love Kate! :)

  2. this is amazing I love the new layout but I have one question

    Where are the pictures that you used to make the main picture

    thank you

    I love kate

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