2010 Sep 09

EXCLUSIVE: Kate promotes Longines’ DolceVita

I would like to say a huge thank you to David Auberson of Longines who was kind enough to share with us exclusive pics of Kate promoting Longines’ new watch DolceVita in Rome yesterday, alongside Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Asian film star Chi Ling Lin.

You can read more about the big event at http://longines-dolcevita.longines.com.

Below you can watch the TV spot and the press conference that also took place yesterday:

• Candids: Shooting a commercial for Longines – July 20
• Other Appearances: Longines’ DolceVita Event

• Commercials: Longines’ DolceVita
• Miscellaneous: Longines Press Conference

5 Comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Kate promotes Longines’ DolceVita”

  1. I’m disappointed that Kate has to do these pointless jewelry or perfume partnerships, ONE is enough. She needs to get back to her game: More edgy, interesting film roles!

  2. she’s not doing the perfume one any more David :)
    and i agree…a watch campaign? sooo stupid!…and the commercial is terrible! the perfume one was good…but she’s not the spokes model anymore….which sucks…b/c that perfume smelt good! too late to bck down now! and i completely disagree, i think she’s doing great w/ her choice of film roles. This yr. she’s doing more Hollywood films…next year i do hope she goes bck to her independent films though..those will always be the best…but it’s also good to see her be diverse! I Love you Kate :)

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