2008 Mar 05

Clip from the set of “The Reader” + scans

• Magazines: Joy Russia – February, 2008 (Thanks to Mirik)
• Magazines: InStyle Russia – February, 2008 (Thanks to Mirik)

• The Reader: On the Set – March 3, 2008 (Thanks to Andre)

3 Comments on “Clip from the set of “The Reader” + scans”

  1. i love kate winslet!she is so fantastic!
    i hope that leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet will have a good relationship among each other..I’m just hoping!
    and i wish kate winslet and sam mendes will be divorced so that kate and leo could have a good relationship..
    sorry to disappoint you sam mendes..
    i love you kate!

  2. omg i loooove her i hope i can go to the set in the holidays (i’m living in germany:D:D) i’m wishing and hoping that i can get there…somehow–and then of course meet her!! kate i love you!

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